Boggle boggles

I thought I’d make a relevant post about trump and the world but here is a sad, sappy, tiresome attempt at poetry and postmodern art (picture). So here you go


Boggle boggles –  boggle – boggles boggles

My head boggles

Every time I close the eye

Boggle boggles – boggle boggles

A mind boils

The doctor waits for it tomorrow

Meet bothersome Mister Boggles

Sizzling frivolous hundred bottles

And my eyes begin to ogle

As if caught by the dozen

Boggles boggles

Far rays shine out and blossom

As I lay the sheets beneath

Running eyes glimpses free

Fence jumping counting sheep

No one hears ‘em when they weep

No one sees them when they slip

Four wolves catch ‘em in

Left them blinking in the bliss

I then wake up to my dreams

Exhaustion is to think

Boggles boggles

Bothers me like no tomorrow

A ship sinking deep

Free falling anchors in

No sailor to pull it

I then get up to think

Tiring is being me

Boggles boggles

Send a prayer to fulfill

And your God shall come in

Down on all of my knees

I will stand another hymn

Boggles boggles

Boggles please

I won’t ask another thing

If only you’d just leave



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