Lillian Dam Bracia (Lils Dbz) is a writer, journalist and creative director. Together with storyteller designer,  Pien den Hollander, Lils is creator of interactive art installation documentary – Limbo Citizen. She is particularly interested in poststructural and postcolonial debates in today’s modern society such as migration and identity politics. Limbo Citizen explores the stories of four different migrants who find themselves stuck in a limbo. In this ‘walkthrough’ documentary, aka a 6 x 5, 3.5 meters high maze (real size), you are expected to find your way and unlock your character’s story step by step.


Limbo Citizen’s floorplan – designed by Pien den Hollander.

In 2015, she graduated with a Liberal Arts BA at University College Utrecht, completing tracks in anthropology and international relations. She currently contributes to Ayiba Magazine where she curiously explores topics of race, gender and culture.

In this webpage you will find some of Lils’ dirty pleasures, emotional outlet, inspiration and fun. Like it or hate it, you are welcome. She is also extremely obsessed with Solange plus other smart talented stylish people by the way: